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Published: August 29, 2015

Alpha 13, all hail Coronado!


We've walked this road before...

I've wanted to pay homage to the greatness that was Coronado for a while now and I finally got round to scratching the itch.  I've spent a lot of time the past week bringing myself back up to date with hals prefab editor, messing around with city blocks and making a few prefabs myself (some of them are almost done!).  By recycling a few of the vanilla barns and sheds into a few 45 x 45 city plot sized prefabs, along with a custom farmhouse and city block to build it on, I've created a small farm hub in the style of Coronado from Navezgane.

The size and content may change in future, I'd like to keep the amount of cornfields and make them all custom some how, but for now it's looking great.  Its spawns in the cell North of the city hub, approximately 6000m North from the map center and around 1500m North of the city hub itself.

As for loot, there's not a large amount of anything... except of course, CORN!.

There's a few areas you will see in the screenshots below where a few corpses can be found close together, the city blocks themselves have randomized wasteland loot spawning on them and there is a lot of trash and fuel with the odd utility crate scattered about.  Too much corn to unleash it into the mixer proper, as a unique hub I think it fills old Coronados shoes quite nicely.

Dog spawners placed with evil intent for those who think its an easy farm...

2015-09-06_00003 2015-09-05_00037 2015-09-06_00004

2015-08-29_00002 2015-08-29_00005

2015-08-29_00007 2015-08-29_00014

2015-08-29_00016 2015-08-29_00018


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