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Published: September 15, 2015

Alpha 13, Get on the test train!



The test server is up and running!, thumbs up to BigC for making it happen.

(the impatient can skip to bottom for test details)

Now that the pimps eventually got round to releasing the alpha 13 promo video it can only mean the waiting is almost over.  What that means for us is we are almost ready to push out our new map and I'm now actively seeking out people to come onto the test server and throw a little play time into it.

For people new to the compo pack there will be a lot of sightseeing and exploring to be done, for those more familiar with magolis' latest offering I'd point you in the direction of the more subtle changes to a lot of the prefabs I have made and the custom city blocks themselves.  I have had almost zero feedback with the exception of the few friends who've been recruited to give things a second glance before they go into the mixer.

In my last blog I revealed the first stages of the custom city blocks I've been working on, with more of a focus (and deservedly so imo)  on the actual sewer system.  As we're now opening the doors to the test server I've pushed over the past few days to get a working iteration of the first half dozen tiles into the mixer.  Theres still a few bugs to be had, mostly minor console errors on the initial city spawning, but things are in and 'working'.

2015-09-15_00005 2015-09-15_00001

Your eyes do not deceive you,  that is a suspended train track running through the city.  Ok running through the city may be stretching the truth a little,  the limits of the cityblocks themselves are more apparent here with the tracks not being able to run over the roads.  These pictures show two of the three train track themed city blocks, the first on the left being a basic stretch of track over a road with a central depot building connected to the track.  The second is my first attempt at squeezing a train station into the space between the areas the prefabs spawn in.  The featured image at the top shows the third, another stretch of track with a partly de-railed (and terribly built!) train.  All three of these city blocks are built over my custom sewer system.

The second trio of city blocks are all very similar to the initial one previewed in my last blog.  They are all variations of the vanilla quartered tile, one with a totally pedestrianized center path system and the other two featuring roads.  The road tiles have different surface decorations and central area, one with a small bridge over the road and the other with a more subtle subway running beneath.

Here is some more eye porn of the cityblocks in action

2015-09-15_00003 2015-09-15_00007 2015-09-15_00008 2015-09-15_00010


Test map details and what you can do

IP: nguk.ddns.net

Port: 26905

Pw: citytest

Test map

Have a look around, explore the wilderness, explore the prefabs, explore the custom hubs around the central city.  Please take some time to play a bit in the cityhub itself, check the map, you cannot miss it!.

Reply in the comments here with:

  • What you liked, disliked
  • Performance: personally i recommend view distance 8, atm this option alone is singly the biggest performance boost you can get in the cityhub, I got 60fps solid @1080p and view dist 5 (before i nuked ALL of the lights)
  • any console errors you might receive
  • taking our urban survival theme in mind, do you see yourself remaining reasonably placed near the city (within say 1500 - 2000 blocks)
  • anything else you might think is relevant, don't be shy and don't hold back if things are shit or not to your liking

A few do not's

  • cheat mode is enabled to allow ease of travelling around the map and to remove the need to do all the grindy tasks.
  • test what 5000 exploding barrels looks like on your own machine, we have a live server to consider
  • the buildings collapse perfectly fine, no feedback needed in this area either
  • for the sake of testing pvp is allowed unless you are requested by a fellow tester to fuck off, testing makes things better don't be a dick.
  • It is quite common for prefabs on certain rotations to clip into a layer of the cityblocks, this and clipping issues with prefabs in general is mostly known about or unpreventable at this point.


11 comments on “Alpha 13, Get on the test train!”

  1. One thing worth adding, Its not intended to have as many citytiles with the train tracks as their currently is, in fact I can honestly see me reducing their spawns by half. However ideas and critique especially where the custom cityblocks are concerned would really be appriciated.

    1. Hello! I tired logging in for the first time earlier and immediately I was kicked off. It said "you have been kicked off my EAC, make sure you have Anti Cheat activated" something like that. How do I activate that before logging on? Thanks! 🙂

      1. Two things spring to mind:
        you clicked wrong option in the popup box when you first launch game through steam...
        or you've been using hals prefab editor (or something else that has modified your Assembly-CSharp.dll) and need to copy the vanilla ones back.

  2. Absolutely incredible! I want! Didn't see anything I don't like. Had no performance issues. My own personal preference is less fog, but that's just me. Having Zombies trying to eat my face is depressing enough, lol! I could play this map without any zombies and just explore, kind of a last man on earth thing, and it would take days and days to hit up the buildings just in the main hub. And the train wreckage is incredible. I still need to go back to visit the sewers and the prison, but time wasn't on my side today. Thanks for all the hard work put into this, 13 can't come soon enough!

  3. Cancel that last post... I found it...lol. Absolutely INCREDIBLE! The only issue that I have found is one with the minibike... after riding it for a little while and then getting off of it (I was at the prison when this happened) it disappeared and through a section of world that did not spawn, I saw the minibike driving itself into the void... I had a similar occurence of this same bug in the desert... when I got off the minibike, it just vanished completely and I could not find it.

    The new prefabs are so great, so much to explore and do now... I can't wait for the update!

    I did get some lag in and around the Working Stiff Tools stores in the city... I think it was because of the buzzing lights.

    1. yeah since this video slaan has worked to optimise a bunch of prefabs that had certain things such as lights on etc to improve performance. The latest version gets you a fairly good improvement in terms of FPS versus the old version

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