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Published: August 15, 2015

Alpha 13, Urban Survival

I've spent some more time tweaking (and breaking) our current version of the rwgmixer, looking more into editing the biomes and even managed to spare some time to burgle one of our neighbors on the current live server, so in short, its been a busy week.

The 7 days community on the offical forums have been bustling with activity, we got an updated version of the Prefab compo pack containing some new sexy additions, a working method of re-adding the water biome and what i think are the best new prefabs yet (from a city building point of view) by Lazman.

Moving on, the addition of the water biome is a real change of scenery, it's nice seeing large and small lakes appearing again and the god forsaken desert while still present is by no means as abundant as it was before this change.  Its filling the gap made by the removal of the wasteland biome some time ago just nicely.

With the change came some more work though, it seems almost all of the prefabs have by default, no entry in the xml to spawn in the water biome.  I've been working my way through the list adding prefabs to the water biome but I've had clipping issues with their placement in the hubs that spawn and some of the rural areas are suffering a bit too so I'll post more about this in a future blog when things are a bit more stable.


Featured image


One of the main things people will notice when they head into a city hub this big, is how easy you become lost.  A lot of the residential buildings are repeated quite a bit and there's the constant feeling of deja-vu as your passing through the city blocks.  There is a lot to explore and discover with quite a few of the prefabs having built in hidden areas, or additional levels below ground that are not apparent until you find that staircase that leads you into the unknown.

Having access to so many high rise buildings over such a big area creates ample opportunities for new spawns and veterans alike to find their niche and build a discrete base or small hoard room without fear of people randomly stumbling across it.  I expect a lot of traffic through the city so a full on "fort knox"  super base within the city itself  while possible, will be reserved for the more active and hardcore (some might say stupid!).

So with some of those thoughts in mind I decided it would be a good idea at this point to highlight some of the 'one off' buildings our city will contain and some examples of prefabs with hidden areas (or should I say: not so apparent!).


Water plant map Water plant

The water plant is a good example of something which, at first glance looks rather small and basic, but on the inside is a maze of concrete, pipes and loot containers.  A hidden haven from zombies at night and plenty of places to hide a few chests while you get established.

Water plant interior 1 Water plant interior 2


Crem map Crem

A personal favorite of mine,  looks very nice and while not exactly overflowing with loot...

Crem interior 1


it does have a few pre-built forges for people to fight over in the early game and help get some materials smelted.

Subway citymix block by_magoli

Subway map Subway

What at first appears to be a shitty garden shed, leads down into a sprawling subway station with platforms, train tracks and collapsed tunnels.  You can expect to find a couple of these blocks within the city hub and much like the water plant, they can become a safe haven from zombies in the early game and provide some nice hiding spots for those looking to start a stash.

Subway interior 1 Subway interior 2


Gunshop map Gunshop

Another excellent prefab by Magoli, while we will have a good selection of gun stores I thought this one was worth mentioning not only for its unique look and beautiful interior, but because it was the first custom prefab I broke into and discovered a hidden doorway craftily stashed behind a curtain... and its not the only prefab to be so sneaky.  Just take a look at what it was 'hiding'

First up, the shop interior the customers would see, you can just make out the curtain door at the rear.  Then the not so small storeroom buried in the shops basement.

Gunshop interior 1 Gunshop interior 2

The more I play around with the map tests, the more I eagerly await alpha 13, when at long last we have a good excuse to reset the map and get all this new stuff into our live server.  Now the fun pimps have a water guy, our custom biome might be all for naught but if we don't have new water from them by alpha 13 then at least we will have some better spots to fish until they do add it.

As usual feel free in the comments to tell me I'm full of shit, why your right and I'm wrong or GIVE US SOME FEEDBACK!, I'm not a regular blogger and a lot of this stuff is quite new to me and we are really interested in hearing your views on what we have planned for Alpha 13 so far!

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    1. Once we have our test server setup (by 'we' I mean BigC) It would be nice to get our community more involved with the development process. We'll get a blog out or a forum somewhere for people to comment/feedback as theirs bound to be issues that will crop up that we have not prepared for or thought of.

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