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Published: May 11, 2016

Frontrunnerteks' Server Manager Download

The FrontRunnerTek Server manager is seen as one of the best server managers available for 7 Days To Die, despite being seemingly abandoned by its creator.  Nevertheless I have hosted this file on my Dropbox until even Dropbox said I'd reached my sharing limit.

I'm hosting it here for all to have from now on, hopefully one day the team at FrontRunnerTek will resume this project.  There are other server managers, such as the one made by Pioneer http://7dsm.pionner.org/ and a rather excellent cloud-based server manager (CBSM) by Envul (Alaine) which can be accessed here https://cbsm.envul.com/

For ease, I have included my tutorial video on how to install a 7 Days to Die Dedicated server (works even with the latest version!) and how to use the Server Manager tool. Download link is below.

To prevent bot spam, I have put a password on the download. the password is frtsm

Feel free to check out the rest of the site, leave a comment below (you can quickly register/post here using your Facebook/Steam account), and dont forget to check back!
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11 comments on “Frontrunnerteks' Server Manager Download”

  1. Hey there! First, thank you for the hard work you've done with your tutorials and maintaining this server manager. I downloaded it because I am trying to get the backup to work. I am using a hosted server at BlueFang, but although I can download the serverconfig.xml file, I am unable to select the right directory (per the error message) for the game world. What directories should I have in my FTP (I presume) tab? Or is there something else I should do? I can send you screenshots if that helps.

    1. Hi there, thanks for leaving a message! to be clear i just re-host the files (and help out where i can with advice) I havent really used the FTP command, so im not really sure how to help. Bluefang are decent with their support so perhaps they could help?

  2. I have it all up and running it works great but I am having an issue it won't show who is online or offline on the server it stays red next to there names is there a way to fix that on the FrontRunnerTek server manager I can't do nothing but run the server really and restart it with warnings to my friends

    1. id recommend using the Remote Admin Tool (RAT) or the CBSM, this is pretty much abandonware now unfortunatly, not all features work anymore and the original developer is not putting out updates in over a year

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