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Published: May 24, 2017

N-LAN:1 - We did it!

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We did it! What absolute blast! N-LAN:1 is officially over but what a brilliant time we had. We've so many people to thank, from our amazing supporters at Cavtec Systems Limited for their amazing retro-LAN lineup, to E-dojo for providing their kickass PS4 selection to the guys at Don't Get Hit who put on 2 days worth of professional standard SSB tournaments. Special thanks also goes to our core staff Mark, Christopher and E-Dojo boss Michael, without you this would not have been possible. To our volunteers who helped out throughout the event Laura, Hollyy, Scott (Grandon), Cheryl, John and Jane - thank you so much too!


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Finally, to our BYOC, Tournament Players and Spectators - thanks for supporting us in setting the bar for Northern-LAN and coming out; no players = no LAN, so thanks for that! Props to Newcastle Civic Centre for having us and allowing us to turn the place upside down.

Check out our photo album of the event below, and tag anyone you know!


We made so many new friends it's hard to thank everyone, so instead we'll just look forward instead to doing it all again at N-LAN:2!


The Northern-LAN Team

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