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Published: August 22, 2015

New High Ping Kicker - What it means and Why

We are now using the rather excellent Server Side Ping Kicker by dmustanger on our server. Although we previously used a high ping kicker that is provided by FrontRunnerTek's Server Manager software, dmustangers' variant on this offers a white-list. This means for those of you who occasionally go over the limit and get auto-kicked from the server, or get ping spikes when using the /home command, if you let one of the server admins know about it we can get you added to prevent this happening again (ProTip: Tell us by saying "/admin please add me to high ping white-list" in game and we'll do the rest).

The ping kicker is also our first line of defence in keeping the many Asian hackers we get from accessing the server.  If you know a friend or other legitimate player who is trying to join the server but is getting kicked, feel free to let us know and we'll white-list them too.


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