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Published: August 23, 2015

New Voting System - Pass it on!

To thank you all for voting us into the top 30 7 Days to Die Servers we have overhauled the voting system to give you more control over your voting rewards.  For those of you who haven't voted, it takes less than a minute to do using your Steam ID here  and you can do it once per day.  It also helps us by boosting us up the ratings (aiming for that top 10 spot!) which will get us noticed, and in turn more players - it really is a win-win.

The new improved voting system allows you to instantly be rewarded for voting, with Voting Points (vP). When you vote for our server, you receive a Voting Point - even if you are offline.
You can then use some of the commands below, to utilize these Voting Points.

The main attraction of Voting Points, is that rather than getting a crate like you did before, you can choose what to spend your points in the Reward Shop.

Voting Commands - Type these into the chat box

  • To view your current number of Voting Points, type /vote
  • To view the top 10 voters of all time, type /voters
  • To view the available voting rewards, type /vote rewards OR /rewards
  • To claim a reward, type /vote buy {itemid} - the Item ID is indicated next to the item when viewing /vote rewards
  • When you claim a reward, it will appear at your feet. Press E to pick it up.
  • To send Voting Points to another player type /vote pay {amount} points to {playername} - for example /vote pay 3 points to John

Be sure to keep an eye on the Reward Shop as we will be putting a few prized items in there over the next week for you all to mull over!


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