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Published: August 13, 2015

Petrol Pumps in A13 - Your Vote Matters!

Myself and Slaan are hard at work bringing the next iteration of our awesome server world ready for Alpha 13, and we currently are looking for some community feedback on the specific topic of gas pumps.  We would love to know what you think, so could you please cast a vote below, and if you are inclined, leave a brief comment at the bottom.  Cheers


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Also don't forget, if you have any ideas for new mods or recipes, hit us up and let us know about it!

2 comments on “Petrol Pumps in A13 - Your Vote Matters!”

  1. Looking through the maps that I've mixed so far I dont think finding new gas stations will be too problematic, but they will not be as common outside of the city hub as they are currently.

    Cityhub can be adjusted but will contain anywhere between 4-6 atm, this includes a few custom versions thrown into the mix to keep things different.

    Rural hubs, are a common source of gas stations atm and as I mentioned in my map concept blog, with the added custom prefabs the probability of a gas station spawn is severely reduced. this probably won't change as I prefer the new mixed rurals compared to the old ones.

    Town hubs, apart from being a "bit" rarer, so far have a high rate of at least one gas station spawning most of the time. After some more testing with updated mixer its more like 1 in 3 may have a gas station

    Now on the current loot table I would get usually between 1 and 3 gas cans per pump and apart from converting the oil drums that will be dotted around that leaves only the home brew method of grain alcohol > bio fuel > gas.

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