Project Slaanhatten

Pushing the boundaries of prefabbing in 7 Days To Die
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Project Slaanhatten, Part 6: Alpha 16 Pre-Release Catchup

City hub status: Mind blowing! Welcome back survivors, it's been a long while since I've updated you all on the progress of the mod and even longer again since we've had the luxury of a live server to play it on, but just because things seem like they are quieting down do not be deceived... […]

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Project Slaanhatten Part 5: The Transition to Alpha 16

City Hub Status - 10% complete... Yup, that's 10 out of 102 sections of city that have been converted, fixed, updated, painted and sleeper volumes introduced.  The amount of love you can pour into a custom built prefab in creative mode  is absolutely staggering in Alpha 16 so that's where we'll re-join the timeline of […]

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Project Slaanhatten Part 4: Alpha 15 Preview

Alpha 14 recap Alpha 14 saw the release of Project Slaanhatten v0.4 and despite having several different mini-projects and idea's going on inside the hub (like the sewer system...) I decided that the best course of action was to release what I had done so far, wipe the slate clean and viciously attack MSpaint to […]

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