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Published: January 13, 2017

When Admin exploit investigating goes wrong...

We came across a situation last night where Slaan discovered a potential enemy base, but when I went over to help him break in, it turned out it was land-claimed, for me...

WTF? exactly what we thought. After some "Heavy Handed Testing" as detailed by a grovelling Slaan below, we discovered the reason this was happening was that the player in question was a friend of Slaan, but not of me (BigC90210) - oops! By then the damage was done, feel free to read Slaans semi-jackanory semi-grovel below.

PS. We have since reviewed how we react in these situations, as on this occasion it was a bit "sledgehammer to a peanut" when really everything was fine > < I've purposely left comments ON for this post, so you can all hurl abuse at Slaan 😉

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